Radiator fan problem……?

Question by Lakers: Radiator fan problem……?
I have a 1999 Honda Accord ex, My radiator fan doesnt turn on and i changed the temperature sensor, the radiator fan switch. I know it cant be the motor because they both turn on when i turn the ac on. I also checked the cables and they seem to be in good condition.

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Answer by guess78624
Find the “control relay” for fan, check to see that the power is getting there, and check the relay ! You should be able to put a jumper between the two main wires (they will be the biggest ones in plug)– you can also see which one comes up from relay (if in doubt)— if the fan runs, the relay is not working! –You could also have bad wire fron sensor to relay (which is calley “keying” power wire)…. It activates relay to close contacts to fan circuit! Also check the ground wire on fan relay, it could have bad connection! Or relay itself could be bad!

The a/c electric setup “bypasses” temperature sending curcuit and goes direct to fan, so that is why it works this way, — TIP: if you need fan in an emergency, – you can unplug compressor “power plug”, and turn on a/c (lowest speed is fine!)—(This is of course if you don’t need “cold air”), — this will make fan work so that you can drive in town without overheating, — after you get over about 30-35 mph enough air “rams through” from pressure on front of car to “force cool” radiator just the same as fan would!

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  1. run a piece of 16 guage wire from the fan to the fuse block, so when the ignition is in the run position and the car is running, the fan runs too. ive did that lots of times.

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