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I am attempting to access a profile with a company online; I have already set up this profile, however, upon attempting to “access” my profile, it states I cannot access because it is locked…and I am instructed to contact the system administrator. I am using my “personal” computer. Upon looking up the abbreviation for “system administrator,” it states “…is a person employed to maintain and operate a computer system and/or network. System administratiors may be members of an information technology department.” I cannot get through to the airline company…it must be handled online. How can I “unlock” something that I was unaware was locked????? Thanks.

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Answer by Metro
Generally when an account is locked, it’s because someone tried to access it & typed the wrong password several times. So as a security measure, it was locked to prevent anyone accessing it. You will have to contact them to get it unlocked. There will be a link somewhere on the sign-in page (it might say Forgot Password?), to take you thru the process


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