Replacement sim card and phone?

Question by Dylan C: Replacement sim card and phone?
Is it possible to take an old sim card (T-Mobile for example) and put it into a phone of a new provider (verizon) and still continue verizon’s service or do I need to use the sim card that comes with the phone/plan. Also how do I know which phones will work for both services? Lastly do phones that are “unlocked” go either way?

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Answer by rebbie
I don’t believe so unless the phone is unlocked. Now, you might want to check if the unlocked phone is still compatible with your new service provider. I believe they have to be on the same network. Say for example, T-Mobile works on a GSM network and Verizon is on a CDMA network. I don’t think that a GSM phone will work on CDMA so like I said, you might want to double check.

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  1. No, it’s not possible, however, you can get a replacement SIM from either Verizon or go to Ebay and look for the Verizon SIM card that you want. Unlocked phones are tricky unless you have the ones for the plan you want.

    Are you doing prepaid or getting on a plan?

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