1. It totally depends on what’s blocking it and how good the filter is. Disable it if you can, or use try using a “web proxy” like http://www.secuproxy.com . Using a different browser might work, but any content filter worth its salt will be browser agnostic. You could always boot off a live Linux CD, too.

  2. Whether there is anyway to bypass it really depends on what is blocking it in the first place.
    If content protection has been set up in the browser and you have no limitation on your user rights then you should be able to go into the tools> internet options > etc….. and unblock those websites
    If the content is being blocked by some third party software that your parents have installed or your employer has installed or your ISP is blocking, etc… then you would either need to speak to the administrator and have them unblock those sites or find out exactly what program they are using and search for vulnerabilities to exploit.
    You could always try a proxy, another browser, another operating system, another computer, etc…
    Good Luck

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