Team Fortress 2 Spy/Sniper Achievement Unlock Update?

Question by Jack: Team Fortress 2 Spy/Sniper Achievement Unlock Update?
Valve have added an update to TF2 to allow players to unlock the Spy/Sniper items the old “milestone” way as well as the new “random unlock” system.
Before valve reinstated the milestone system, I had unlocked 18 sniper and 16 spy achievements. When I run TF2 after the milestone re-release, it still says I have the sniper and spy achievements but has not given me any milestones when I should have all three sniper and two spy milestones.

Has anyone else, got this problem? Do Valve know about this issue? Does anyone know how to solve this or do I have to wait for Valve to sort it?


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Answer by Lankey
Have you actually tried playing the game for a bit since the patch? A lot of people I know including myself just played for a bit and were awarded all the milestone achievements we had earned after a few minutes of play. I got mine after my first death.

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  1. I had this problem too, all you have to do is do one Achievement for the Sniper and Spy over again and you will get all the weapons.

    Good Luck 😀

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