the e-mails was working just fine now its not?

Question by AUDREY C: the e-mails was working just fine now its not?
when me and my husband start being able to send e-mails on yahoo it worked fine he was getting all my e-mails and i was getting all his now we only get some and yes he is in prison

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Answer by kennyboy
it’s possible the prison are censoring the email or maybe yahoo is just sh*t

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  1. Hi husbands location might have blocked also. To manually add an address to the list of blocked addresses:

    Click the “Mail Options” link on the top-right navigation bar of your Yahoo! Mail page.
    Click the “Block Addresses” link.
    Enter the new address in the “Enter email address to block” field, and click “Block Address.”
    The address will then appear on your list of blocked addresses
    To remove (“unblock”) an address:

    From the Blocked Addresses list, click once on the address you wish to remove.
    Click the “Remove Block” button at the bottom of the Blocked Addresses list.

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