Unlocking Cell Phones?

Question by Cotton C: Unlocking Cell Phones?
I purchase a phone off of EBAY and it was suppose to be unlock but when I place my chip inside it appears to be invalid. Does anyone know how to “unlock” a Nokia 1112 cell phone? Thanks for the help.

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Answer by tambaer79
Sometimes the little electronic kiosks at the Mall can do an unlock for about $ 30.They hook your phone up to something, and it unlocks them.
Also- please be aware that the text and data side of the phone (once it is unlocked this way), will likely not work correctly. The only way to make sure they do is to use the manufacturer’s code, which is not available to you.

There is no universal way to unlock a phone, it requires a specific code or a program to unlock them.

I would contact the seller return the phone. Also, make sure the phone you get is unlocked correctly and that the seller guarantees that ALL features will work correctly.

Good Luck.

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  1. Wipe off your memory chip with a cloth were you insert it into the phone then blow on it. It should unlock once you do these things.

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