Unlocking iPhone 3G….for dummies? ♥?

Question by JeannieGirl: Unlocking iPhone 3G….for dummies? ♥?
So, hey everyone. I hope there are a few computer geniuses reading this. I have questions about unlocking an iphone 3G. I kind of understand what it is, but how? I have read the guides but just don’t understand.

I have been a customer for 4 years with At&t, and renewed my contract with the iPhone several months ago. Recently, I have had some billing disputes and they just wouldn’t work with me! It was so frustrating….especially after giving my business for years! So, my service is temporarily disconnected now, and I hate that my iphone isn’t a “phone” but I am also stuborn and don’t want to give into At&T.

I was thinking of going with Tmobile because apparently they are the only ones compatible with an “unlocked” iphone….they also have prepaid plans that I like.

How do I do this, guys?? How do I unlock my phone and get tmobile service on it?

Wow, if I figure this out with your help, I will love you! ?

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Answer by jos.stoned
you need to jailbreak it and then using a sim card attachment you can unlock it. you can find the attachment here: http://www.gsmunlocklabs.com/unlock-iphone-card-shipping-p-247.html

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