1. Your school filter can detect a proxy as soon as you try it and either block it on the fly or notify an admin to block it manually. The bottom line is that all proxy’s will eventually get blocked. As the filtering software gets more advanced they will get blocked faster and faster.
    There is also the question of the rules and laws you are breaking by trying to hack your school security system.
    Finally even if you got a proxy to work for a short time you are inviting the proxy owner, many of whom are using the proxy for hacking purposes, to infect and or hijack your school network. Read more on the dangers of proxy’s below.

  2. 1) Circumventing your School Firewall or Hacking it is illegal.
    2) A violation of your School usage polices
    3) Asking questions that break the law or help others do it is a violation of the YA community guidelines.
    Please beware that malicious responders post fake links in the security forum if you click on one of them you could infect your School systems with a dropper virus you should be aware that you assume full responsibility if this happens your Parents will get the expensive bill for any and all repairs.
    Take a moment of your time to review the YA community guidelines before posting any questions thanks!

  3. Hey, Iv recently had the same problem as you when trying to get onto websites that have been blocked by my school. I was told about this working random proxy
    and it actually works! Im now surfing facebook and myspace at school without having the teachers bother me
    give it a try

  4. I suggest you try out these brand new proxies. Just type in a URL and press GO!
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  5. You have to find proxy servers that will surpass the school blocking system. They change frequently as soon as the school network finds out about them, so it will be hard to find one that will work for more than a few days..

  6. If there is a good filter that all web proxies will be blocked. That happened in my case. I found an application that has some premium proxies from US and Europe and this helped me to access blocked websites.

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