1. Circumventing Internet access control systems with web proxies to access unauthorized web sites is a violation of school computer usage policy. You can get suspended and/or banned from using school computers. Use school computers for school work and myspace will be there when you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyway?

  2. Set up your own proxy.
    Filtering software works from a list of known sites or from keywords. If you set up your own proxy server it is unlikely to be found by the companies which make the filters and is unlikely to be blocked unless you get it listed by a search engine or post a link to it. Filtering software often reports unclassified sites back to the manufacturer and the more hits a site has the more likely it is to be listed.
    Setting up a proxy is not easy but you can find lots of information online and it gives you the best chance of bypassing the filters for more than just a few days.

  3. you would have to break through the system (hacck) it. I have the same prob. on my comp. dont try to break it though, the admin can see if you do!!!

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