What does it mean when a cell phone is “unlocked” ?

Question by kd4kff: What does it mean when a cell phone is “unlocked” ?

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Answer by lil ma
when a cell phone is unlocked it means that the phones manufactured carrier is no longer the only carrier able to transmit to the phone. for instance you have a cingular phone that you want to use for t-mobile it can the be unlocked for use. because not all carriers offer the same phones they can be unlocked for use expanding bus.

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  1. The phone has had the Master Subsidy Lock Code entered so it will work for any carrier using that same technology. You can buy phones already unlocked from Nokia’s website mostly for GSM carriers….not cheap.

  2. It means that you can use it with different cell phone companies b/c the cell phone company has not stamped it (put in a special code that will only work for their particular network. (i.e. my brother bought one directly from the motorola manufacturer, which means that did it not go first to T-mobile or cingular, he can easily put in a SIM card from either company and use it.) which means that he really does not have to get a contract to get a phone from a specific company.

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